• Conditions

General terms and conditions / disclaimer of liability

Registration rules

a. Only MGs (car brand) are eligible to the EEOTY 2018.
b. Only members of a registered MG car club are eligible.
c. In case the number of applications exceeds the total entry number the organizer is entitled to select the participants based on their club membership, a country quota and the incoming order of applications.
d. The registration fee (entry and board fees) is due in full no later than 14 days after the confirmation has been sent to the applicant. Any bank fees incurred are payable by the applicant.
e. In case the registration fee due has not been received in time, applicants of the waiting list will be admitted following their order of entry.
f. Each participant is responsible for his/her own accommodation and the respective cost incurred.
g. In case of a breakdown of the MG registered for the event, the participant is required to notify the organizer asap. Should he/she decide to participate in a rental car he/she may do so, but is obliged to drive behind all participating MGs and park their vehicles aside from the MGs.

1. Cancellation and refund policies

A cancellation of the participation in the EEOTY 2018 needs to be justified and in writing.
Refund of entry fee (CHF. 170.-):
– Until December 31, 2017 75% minus bank fees
– Until March 31, 2018 50% minus bank fees
– After April 1, 2018 right to refund forfeits in favor of the organizer.
Refund of board fees (CHF. 340.- p.p.)
– Up to 7 days prior to the event, i.e. organizer must receive notification in writing by August 4, 2018 the latest, board fees will be refunded in full minus an administration fee of CHF. 50.- per car. Thereafter all right to refund forfeits.

2. Disclaimer of liability

Upon the payment of the registration fees each participant commits to the following terms and conditions:
a. The organizer excludes all liability for personal injury or property damage during the event.
b. Each participant is solely responsible for adequate insurance coverage of the vehicle and occupants including third-parties.
c. Each participant takes sole responsibility for all civil or criminal proceedings resulting from his/her participation.
d. Each participant waives all claims of any kind of damage occurring in the context of the event.
e. Participants are not entitled to any refund in case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure or for safety reasons. In case of an excessive event profit, the participants are entitled to a pro quota refund.
f. Each participant commits to follow the regulations of the Swiss traffic Act. Any gross breach thereof entitles the organizer to exclude the culpable participant of the event.
g. Each participant explicitly approves the publishing of pictures, videos, etc. taken during the event by the organizer and waives any compensation.
h. In addition to above the Swiss liability regulations apply.